Music – Thomas Weelkes

Born 1575 died 1623. Organist of Winchester College, and then of Chichester Cathedral. Hence he did not, like most of the English Choral and Keyboard composers of the period, live the London life. But he died whilst on a visit to London, and left his friend with whom he was staying fifty shillings ‘ for meat, drinks and boarding and such like necessary, asking him to `see me buried like a man of my profession’. The place of burial was recently discovered by Dr. Fellowes—St. Bride’s, Fleet Street. Weelkes wrote a large number of Madrigals, a good deal of Church Music which is at present unprinted and unsung, and String Music, also still in manuscript.

He is one of the very greatest of the Madrigalists.

FURTHER READING. Short article by G. E. P. Arkwright in Grove’s Dictionary ; chapter in Fellowes’ English Madrigal Composers ; passages in Davey and Walker ; passages in Bridge’s Twelve Good Musicians and Anderton’s Early English Music.

PRINTED MUSIC. All the Secular Choral Music is edited by Fellowes (Stainer & Bell, 5 vols., 9s., 9s., 6s., 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d. ; separate pieces from 2d. to 6d.). Little else is published.

GRAMOPHONE RECORDS. On the Plains, Fairy Trains (H. M. V. ; with Wilbye’s Flora gave me and Ford’s Since first I saw your face) ; printed copy, Stainer & Bell (6d.) ; Sing we at Measure (H. M. V.; with Byrd’s Lullaby); printed copy, Stainer & Bell (3d.).