Music – Thomas Ford

Born 1580  died 1648. A musician on the staff of the Prince of Wales, and then one of the musicians of Charles I. He is buried in St. Margaret’s, Westminster. Ford wrote Solo Vocal Music with Lute accompaniment, Madrigals, a little Church Music, &c.

FURTHER READING. Short article in Grove’s Dictionary; passage in Fellowes’ English Madrigal Composers, &c.

PRINTED MUSIC. Lute Songs, edited by Fellowes, with the Lute part given as in the original and also adapted for Piano (Winthrop Rogers, 6s.). Various Choral Music in Novello’s catalogue.

GRAMOPHONE RECORDS. Madrigal, Since first I saw your face (H. M. V. ; with Wilbye’s Flora gave me and Weelkes’ On the Plains). Printed copy, Novello (2d.).