Music – John Farmer

Born 1565 died 1605. Farmer was organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. He deserted his post and the Chapter issued an order saying that if they did not see him soon they did not wish to see him at all. So he returned, and shortly after was presented to a country Vicarage. Not being in orders, Farmer farmed this out, and his vicarial duties were done vicariously. He lived his last year in London. He wrote Madrigals and Psalm Tunes, &c., also a text-book of Counterpoint.

FURTHER READING. Short article in Grove’s Dictionary ; a couple of pages in Fellowes’ English Madrigal Composers ; references in Walker and Davey.

PRINTED MUSIC. Madrigals edited by Fellowes (Stainer & Bell, 8s.).

GRAMOPHONE RECORD. Fair Phyllis I saw (H. M. V. ; with Edwards’ In going to my lonely bed and Bennett’s All Creatures Now). Printed music by Stainer & Bell (3d.).