Music – John Bennett

Born ?  died ? His one book of Madrigals was published in 1599 and some songs appeared in 1614. Nothing is known of his life. `Bennett was essentially a refined and tuneful musician, with a sound technique so far as it went. . . . He was certainly at his best in the gayer moods.” He owes his popularity amongest modern madrigal singers almost exclusively to his sparkling All creatures now are merry minded and to his Weep, O mine eyes. Both of these are quite first-class of their line, but the former is much more homo phonic than was usual with this class of work’ (Fellowes).

FURTHER READING. Short article by W. Barclay Squire in Grove’s Dictionary ; a couple of pages in Fellowes’ English Madrigal Composers ; references in Walker and in Davey, and in Anderton’s Early English Music.

PRINTED MUSIC. At the date of publication Dr. Fellowes’ Madrigal edition has not reached Bennett, but about a dozen Madrigals are separately published by Novello.

GRAMOPHONE RECORD. Madrigal, All creatures now are merry minded (H. M. V.; with Edwards’ In going to my lonely bed and John Farmer’s Fair Phyllis). Printed copy, Novello (IOd.).