Music – Giles Farnaby

Born 1560 died 1600. Very little is known of his life. He published a book of Madrigals and wrote a number of admirable keyboard pieces, many of which are brief but significant and characteristic. He is, to normal people, the most attractive Keyboard Writer of the period, and his works are now increasingly played.

FURTHER READING. Passages in Fellowes’ English Madrigal Composers and Anderton’s Early English Music, in Davey and in Walker.

PRINTED MUSIC. The Madrigals (Canzonet to Four Voices) are edited by Fellowes (Stainer. & Bell, 6s. 6d.). Of the Keyboard Music a delightful small selection has been edited by Bantock (Novello, 3s.: every pianist should have these tender little pieces).

GRAMOPHONE RECORD. Nobody’s Gigge, played on Harpsichord by Mrs. Gordon Woodhouse (H. M. V. ; with three English Folk Dances),