Music – Francesco Anerio

This composer is included here, though some others of equal or greater importance are omitted, because a useful Gramophone Record of one of his works is available. He was born in Rome about 1567, and died about 1620. He was choirmaster to the King of Poland, and choirmaster of the Cathedral of Verona, and then held several posts in Rome. Towards the end of his life he became a priest. He wrote much Church Music, and so did his elder brother, Felice Anerio, who, when Palestrina died, succeeded him as Composer to the Papal Chapel.

GRAMOPHONE RECORDS. Te Deum—slightly curtailed in order to come within the limits of a Record (Westminster Cathedral Choir, con-ducted by Sir Richard Terry; H. M. V.). The printed music is published by Chester at 3S. 6d.