Singing And Singers

—As has been noted by the reader, music, up to this time, developed principally along vocal lines. We have no details as to the character of the training of singers among the Chaldeans, Egyptians and Greeks except such as indicate that their idea of singing was a sort of musical declamation. Such seems also to […]

Music Psychology – Imagination

Imagination is that power of mind by which we form pictures of things not present. It is the power of representing a mental product as an image. As the name denotes, imagination is the image making, or image showing faculty. The Germans call it Einbildungskraft. According to Krauth and Fleming, “Vocabulary of Philosophy,” “In the […]

Music Psychology – Memory

MEMORY is that faculty of mind by which we retain the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events, and by which such knowledge is recalled after it has once dropped from consciousness. An act of memory involves several particulars. There is, first of all, the fact of retention. When any impression has once been made […]

Music Psychology – Association

THE workings of thought often seem mysterious. Ideas come into our minds apparently without cause and without connection. For days and weeks perhaps I have been trying to recall some name, but all in vain. One day as I am walking along the street, my thought wandering miles and miles away from the object in […]

Music Psychology – Habit

By habit we mean a fixed disposition to do a thing, and a facility in doing it, the result of numerous repetitions of the action a fixed tendency to think, feel, or act in a particular way under special circumstances” (Sully). “An acquired habit, from the psychological point of view, is nothing but a new […]

Means Of Musical Expression

I have said that music is first a conception of the mind and afterwards an expression in sound, first ideal, and afterwards formal. Expression means literally pressing out, that is, giving objective form to subjective ideas. In technical sense, expression means a lively or vivid representation of meaning, sentiment, or feeling; significant and impressive indication, […]

Concept And Psychic Life Of Music

CONCEPTS are ideas formed in the mind from sense impressions by thinking, reflecting, reasoning,etc. Soul life is concept life. The stream of consciousness at any moment of our existence consists of concepts, and without concepts there is no consciousness. By means of the several sense channels a great variety of impressions from the outer world […]

Music Psychology – The Will

WILL is the name usually given to the executive faculty of the soul. It makes the third grand division of our psychology, and completes the round of all the known modes of mental activity. An act of will implies choice, motive and execution. In so far as it implies choice it rests in a cognitive […]

Psychological Character Of Music Study

AT the close of the preceding chapter we said that psychology must give laws and principles for the study of music. This is a very significant statement, and claims our further attention in the present chapter. If music in its root idea is a matter of thought, that is, if it is first a conception […]

Musical Faculty

IT is important to have a right conception of a mental faculty. Erroneous views formerly held in regard to the nature of the mental faculties have given rise’ to mischievous psychological doctrines, the influence of which still lingers. Faculties were considered as integral parts of one whole soul, as, e. g., the different rooms in […]