Violin Playing And Violin Music

The development of the violin, of violin playing and violin music, in a certain sense shows reciprocal influences, and went hand in hand. This was the more certain because the composers who wrote for the instrument were also players, in almost every instance the virtuoso of their times. During the polyphonic period, composers were singers […]

The Violin And Its Makers

—The reader who has studied the principles of construction and playing of the old string instruments, as explained in Lesson XV, or examined them in museums, will not have failed to note that they were complicated and limited in technic. The members of this family were large and cumbersome, troublesome to handle and not particularly […]

Evolution Of The Pianoforte

While the violin, on account of the simplicity of its construction, arrived early at a stage of perfection, the complicated mechanism of the pianoforte required many generations and many scores of more or less successful experiments to attain anything like a corresponding plane. Indeed, such experiments are still constantly in progress ; so that the […]

The Organ, Organ Playing And Organ Music

In the book of Genesis it is written : “Jubal, he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.” It is not to be understood that the word organ in this passage meant an instrument anything like that heard in our churches at the present day. In fact, as St. Augustine […]

Musical Instruments

—The means for the production of musical sound are few in number, and of such universality and antiquity that we cannot say when, how, or by whom they were invented. Modern skill has not added one new means, but has simply improved the contrivances by which musical sound is produced. We can, however, trace the […]

Musical Instruments — Their History And Development

IN church music, the organ is perhaps the first instrument to be considered. In 951, Elfeg, the Bishop of Winchester had built in his cathedral a great organ which had four hundred pipes and twenty-six pairs of bellows, to manage which seventy strong men were necessary. Wolstan, in his life of St. Swithin, the Benedictine […]

Musical Instruments And The Rise Of Instrumental Music

DURING the Middle Ages vocal music reached a high degree of artistic development. Instrumental music as an art did not then exist, because of the limitations in tonal range and power of musical instruments. Up to the beginning of the sixteenth century these were used, in art-music, only for doubling the vocal parts. We have […]

Music – The Beginnings Of Keyboard Music

PROGRESS in any department of musical art takes place along a path running over a series of alternate hills and valleys. Composers climb a hill until its summit is reached and then descend abruptly to climb another. In pure unaccompanied Choral Music, as we have seen, they had been toil some climbing for about a […]

Wind Instruments – Keren; Shopshar; Khatsotsrah

THESE are the names of the three important Hebrew trumpets. The first, at any rate in its primitive form, was constructed from the natural horn of an animal. Keren and shophar are some-times used synonymously, notably so in the account of the capture of Jericho (Josh. vi.) But in this same account there is affixed […]

Wind Instruments – Sumponyah; Sampunia; Sumphonia; Symphonia

THIS instrument is among those enumerated in Dan. iii. 15. In speaking of the Santeria or dulcimer, we had occasion to regret that the word symphonia should have been translated by “dulcimer” in our Authorised Version, when this word would have represented more properly psanterin. The symphonia is now generally supposed to have been a […]